Vandals Have You Down? Consider Graffiti Coating!

20 August 2015
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While there are those who would consider graffiti an art form for murals and public art, there is a limit to the validity of this type of expression. If you've encountered a problem with graffiti at your building or your construction project, you're probably tired of applying chemicals to erase graffiti or doubling up on layers of paint. To eliminate unwanted graffiti art and tagging, it may be time to consider using one of the technological advances known as graffiti coatings.

Graffiti coatings are designed to repel the paint from adhering to the surface of the building material. These are more and more often applied to public infrastructure projects to preserve the beauty and original intent of the structural designers and are now becoming accessible to building owners to preserve the look of their real estate investment. There are two main types of graffiti coatings in use today, with different applications.

Tunnel & Large Construction Coating

Tunnel and public infrastructure graffiti coatings are designed to repel dirt and grime, and to sustain their effectiveness over the lifetime of the structure. The most common one in use in Australia currently is a polyurethane coating known as Vitrethane 644. This treatment has been used all over the world, including the M5 tunnel in Sydney, the Clem 7 tunnel in Brisbane, the Aberdeen tunnel in Hong Kong, and the Cross City tunnel in Hangzhou. It has also been applied to countless soundproofing walls across the continent of Australia, with great effect.

Building Protection

You can protect the façade of your building with a graffiti coating as well. These coatings are known as Compressed Fibre Cement (CFC) coatings, and they come in a variety of colours and textures. They can be applied to walls as well as exposed parapets and into any nook and cranny that has become a problem area for graffiti. Discuss your options with your coating company, and you'll avoid the frustration of constant graffiti removal and layers of paint.

CFC coatings are rapidly becoming the best solutions for business and real estate owners around the world due to the tremendous flexibility in appearance and the added benefit of durability. As an added bonus, the application of this coating to your building or façade will repel dirt and grime and make the surface easier to clean!

Businesses like Allcool Window Tinting also offer coatings for glass, so don't think it's just stone or metal that can be protected.

Consider a graffiti coating for your next construction project, and the intended beauty of the project will last for years to come.