3 Crucial Factors Affecting Your Choice of Skylight Windows

27 August 2015
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Fitting skylight windows is an effective solution for people who wish to increase possibilities of more natural light, fresh air and a beautiful view in their buildings. For maximum performance, here are a few things you will need to consider before installing these windows in your buildings.

Operability of the windows

When it comes to skylights, operability refers to the ease and convenience of using the windows. In essence, skylight windows serve as venting units, which can be opened and closed manually or as remote-controlled installations, or as stationary units, which stay fixed at particular positions.

When it is within reach, a venting unit is easy to open and close. Otherwise, you will have to consider using a remote-controlled unit so that you won't have to worry about straining to reach the special rod used to operate the windows. If you find the remote-controlled skylight windows to be rather expensive, you should obtain the fixed unit and save some cash.

Nonetheless, it's crucial to ensure the building has enough ventilation so that condensation doesn't compromise indoor air quality. This means that if ventilation in your building is poor and the roof section is out of reach, you might have no other choice but to install remote-controlled skylight windows.

Energy efficiency of the windows

It's wise to know the energy performance ratings of various skylight windows so that you can make your choice depending on your building's design and the local climate. Advances in the design and manufacturing of skylight windows have focused on decreasing issues causing significant heat loss from your home.

Manufacturers are now using high-performance materials, such as honeycomb blinds, to improve the insulation and air tightness of skylight windows. Hence, you can boost the energy-efficiency of your building by choosing windows with energy-saving properties.

Cost benefits associated with using each type of window

There are several designs and many styles of skylights to choose from at companies like Suncity Skylights, and they come in a range of different prices. Even though some inexpensive units are available on the market, the bottom line is that these low-quality, plastic-glazed skylights don't usually last long and leak easily. Therefore, it is better to opt for a premium-quality curbed skylights integrated with special glazing, shading devices, venting, or other energy-efficient options.

However, you should expect to be charged higher for these energy-saving skylights. Most importantly, remember that low-cost skylights may be cheaper to buy, but they may cost a lot in terms of huge energy bills in the long run.