What to Know about Using Vintage Timber External Doors in Home Renovations

2 September 2015
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If you recently purchased a vintage home, you may decide to take on some home renovation projects in order to restore the home's original beauty. This could mean replacing cabinets, remodeling the home to restore the original floor plan, and replacing doors throughout the home. Before you purchase an external door you think may work for a vintage look, consider the things you should know about vintage timber doors and installation.

Type of Timber Wood

The first thing you need to know about using vintage timber external doors in your home renovation is what type of wood you are dealing with. Each type of timber wood may bring its own benefits to your home and to the look you are trying to achieve. For example, teak does not need special weatherproofing to deflect water and water damage. 

Style of Door

The style of door you plan on using may not seem important, but it actually is if you are going for a specific vintage look. For example, if you are thinking of using an oak door for your vintage home renovation, then you need to ensure the oak timber and the style of the door fit the time period of the home. If the style uses glass inlay or trim, then it may not fit the time period of the home. This is especially important if you are attempting to have your home listed on a historical directory.

Solid or Hollow

There are some exterior doors that are timber, but may not be solid construction. This brings up the choice of using a solid timber door or a hollow door. One thing to consider when you choose a solid or hollow door is the fire rating.  A solid door will give you a better fire rating than a hollow door. This is due to hollow doors having a gap between the wood panels. The solid and hollow door choice can also answer if you want to go with an authentic vintage option or just a vintage look. Vintage timber exterior doors will be solid while reproduction pieces will be either solid or hollow depending on your choice.

These are only three points to keep in mind if you plan on using a vintage timber wood exterior door for your home restoration. If you are unsure of the best exterior door option for you or where to begin looking for a vintage door, contact your local restoration contractor. They can help you choose the right door for your needs as well as give you pricing and installation options.