Window of Opportunity | 3 Tips To Dress Up Your Wooden Window Frames with Colour

18 September 2015
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Windows make a pivotal decorative statement in any home, but ever so often, they start to look timeworn –– especially when they are left unattended for a long time. Choosing frame colours for wooden windows requires careful thought and planning so they don't stick out like sore thumbs in your home. Make sure you follow these smart tips for dressing up your wooden window frames with colour.

Plan Around Your Existing Style and Décor

When planning colours for wooden windows, be sure to consider the existing style and décor of your room before making any colour decisions. For example, if your home has a country cottage-style feel, then traditional black and white window frames would fit in well with the décor. Some homeowners like the idea of stained timber, so that they don't lose that natural wooden aesthetic look. If you have contemporary interiors with sleek finishes and bold furniture, you can consider getting a little creative with your colour ideas. Blues, reds and greens can embolden a window frame beautifully to make it the focal point of the room.

Consider the Colour Theme of the Interior Walls

Do you have a colour theme running through your room's walls already? Perhaps you've invested in lots of beige and yellows to add to the brightness of the room or maybe you've decided to integrate the classic all-white colour theme in your room. The existing colours of your interior walls will also play a role in your window frame colours. For example, if you want to blend in with the existing colour tone of the walls, choose window frame colours in similar lighter or darker hues within the same family. If you want the window frame to stand out from the wall colour, choose a completely different colour that has an eye-catching effect.

Choose Colours that Match Window Treatments

You'll also want to consider the colours of your window treatments, like curtains, awnings, shutters and blinds, because they are placed directly against your window frame. Most homeowners like the idea of similar colours to maintain a continuous flow, preferring to avoid colour clashes. If you want to create added visual depth and impact, consider using complementary and not matching colours on your window frames. For example, bright yellow blinds paired against pale yellow window frames will create a beguiling aesthetic effect. Similarly, beige window frames against timber-finished blinds will produce an attractive finish.  

Follow these smart tips when using colour to dress up the frames of your windows so that you can restore their fresh new look once again. For more information about windows, contact a company like Hi Point Windows.