Feng Shui and Doors

3 December 2015
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The energy in a room can influence one's morale in carrying out their activities. Energy flows into a room through doors and windows. When designing your house, it is important to get a balance on the type of doors and interior design you will use to ensure optimum energy. There has been a growing trend on the use of Feng shui in the interior alignment of doors.  It is a system of laws applied in directing the flow of energy in a home and is used in interior decoration and alignment. Here are some factors to consider when designing your home.

Interior and Exterior Door Alignment

A home with a clear view between the front door and the back door may seem ideal to live in, especially if either of the doors is transparent. However, according to Feng shui, this arrangement creates a disturbance in the way that energy is flowing in. This is because two doors in direct alignment will cause the energy to rush in and out without having time to nourish the space. Energy should flow into a room freely and moderately to create a sense of calmness in it.

Too Many Doors

Most modern homes have multiple doors in a row. Too many openings in a row disrupt the flow of air as it will rush inside and move through your house like a hollow cylinder. It is an unhealthy design because you want the energy to move at a pace that harmonizes the interior with the environment. Nevertheless, many doors in a row create a sense of insecurity as one is alarmed if a door is opened.

Types of Doors

Several types of doors are used in the interior design of one's home though not all of them are favourable to the Feng shui style. The first type of door is the bi-fold doors. These are a combination of doors that are hinged together and folded into each other. The length of these doors gives the room a spacious impression. If you're using bi-fold doors, then consider adding frost glass inserts onto them. That creates a well-lit entry and boosts your Feng Shui.

Another type of door design is the pocket door. This type of door is very ancient, although most people think it is a recent invention due to its growing popularity. They slide in and out of spaces provided inside the wall, thus minimizing the number of doors used in a row. Pocket doors can also be adjusted to accommodate Feng shui by altering their width. Moreover, installing windows coupled by beautiful crystal decorations on these doors can also increase the energy flow in the home.