Different Ways Bi-fold Doors and Windows Can Be Beneficial to Your Home

20 January 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Bi-fold doors and window refer to multiple panels that have been joined together through the use of hinges so as to enable the panels to stack upon each other. Over the years, interior decorators and homeowners alike have become drawn to this design of doors and windows due to the numerous benefits that they afford the residence that they are installed in. Since their hinge mechanism is versatile, the panels that make up the bi-fold doors can stack from the left, the right or from the middle to either side. Here are some of the various ways that bi-fold doors and windows can be beneficial to your residence.

Bi-fold doors and windows come in a myriad of options

When you think of a conventional door, the first type of material that will come to mind is wood. This is because sturdy, wooden doors are seen as the traditional option for any home. With bi-fold doors and windows, you have a range of materials to choose from depending on your functional needs as well as aesthetic preferences. For instance, if you are installing the bi-fold doors in your bathroom or for your closet., you could opt to have the panels mirrored. This not only will make them functional by providing you with more mirrors, but this also gives the illusion of the room being bigger as it is reflected on the bi-fold doors. If you are looking to add a modern touch to your home, you could opt for stainless steel bi-fold doors and windows which will lend clean lines and modern flair to your home.

Bi-fold doors and windows save on space

Bi-fold doors and windows were originally designed as space savers for homeowners who cannot afford having their windows and doors swing inwards. Since the panels collapse against each other, they easily fold outward, which enables you to make the most of confined space in any room. This is why they are a popular option as closet doors. If you do not want to have your doors impede on your storage space or on the space available in the bedroom, bi-fold doors would be a good choice. If you have small bathroom and are wondering about maximizing on the ventilation it receives, bi-fold windows would be a good choice.

Bi-fold doors and windows can be customized to pen up your living space

If you have a large yard but never get to have unobstructed views of it while letting the fresh air in, you may want to consider bi-fold doors or windows. The installation of these panels can replace an entire wall. This gives you the freedom to make your home open right onto your yard if you have the bi-folds installed from floor to ceiling. This design can even increase the resale value of your home as it is both unique as well as functional.