Tips When Installing an Aluminum Window

24 February 2016
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If your window is broken or requires replacement for any reason, an aluminum window can be a great option. This type of window is designed to be affordable, but it is also stylish and will blend well with the existing design of most homes. Before you begin installing an aluminum window on your own, it is a good idea to be aware of the most helpful tips designed to make the process a lot smoother.


It is important that you prep the framework where you will be installing the aluminum window. This means that any gaps that exist within the frame need to be filled. It is a good idea to use a weather seal silicone caulk when you are filling the gaps. The framework where you are installing the window will most likely be rough, but this is normal and is not an issue.


When you are installing an aluminum window, you will most likely use a spray on adhesive during the installation process. This spray needs to be applied to the rough framework in a thin layer that covers the entire frame surface. Just be sure that when you are spraying the framework that the window is out of view and is not sprayed with any of the adhesive solution. Once you have the adhesive applied, you can then attach flashing to the upper part of the frame.

Sill Pan

Before you place the window into position within the framework, you will first need to insert the sill pan. This is a pan that is designed to keep the water away from the window, which means that it will help to minimise leaks. You can also use the adhesive spray when you are installing the sill pan to attach the flashing before you put it into place.

Weep Holes

Once you have the sill pan in position, you can then place the aluminum window into the framework. You need to be sure that you have the window in the right direction when you insert it. This is done most effectively by making sure that the weep holes are facing outward. When they are facing out, you can be sure that your window is in the right position as long as you are installing the window from inside your home. You can place the window into the rough opening and it should fit securely as long as you have the correct window measurements.