Pros of Various Car Window Tints

21 June 2016
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If you are looking for a way to customise your vehicle without having to giving it a full paint job, you should consider car window tinting. These tints not only protect you and your vehicle's interiors from the damaging effects of constant sun exposure, but they also add enhance the aesthetic element of your vehicle. Car window tints come in an array of options to ensure motorists can find a tint that meets their needs and fits within their budget.

Here are some of the pros of various car window tints. 

Dyed car window tints

This type of window tint is made up of an adhesive layer that is applied onto your windows, a protective layer that functions as a top coat and a layer of dye sandwiched in between the two. The adhesive layer functions to ensure your tint does not easily come off your vehicle's windows. The protective layer functions to prevent your tint from acquiring scratches and other types of nicks. Some of the pros associated with dyed window tints include the following: 

  • The film used for window tinting does not reflect the sun, which is an aesthetic some motorists prefer. 
  • Dyed window tints tend to create a darker effect when compared to other window tinting options. 
  • Dyed window tints do not impede radio waves; therefore, you do not have to worry about the functionality of in-glass antennas being compromised. 
  • Dyed window tints reduce the risk of your vehicle's upholstery from fading. 
  • Dyed window tints are reasonably priced, making them an economical option for motorists on a budget. 

Metallized car window tints

Another option you can consider when looking to tint your vehicle's windows are metallized films. These window tints are made up of several layers of film. The first layer is the base layer, which adheres onto the car's window. The subsequent layer is UV treated to block out the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. The following layer is a metallized film that functions to darken the windows while reflecting radiant heat from the sun. The last layer is a film that functions to protect the metallized tint from acquiring damage. Some of the pros of opting for metallized car window tints include the following: 

  • Metallized tints keep your car cool as they reflect the radiant heat from the sun.
  • Metallized tints block glare from the sun.
  • Metallized tint do not fade as they age, as they do not contain any dyes.