A Few Important Tips for Getting Your Car's Windows Tinted

29 August 2016
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Window tint can make any car look sleeker and sportier and can also protect the interior from fading and overheating. Having your car windows tinted by a professional is always better than buying film and applying it yourself, as static film is famous for bubbling and falling away and can easily be peeled off by children and pets. When you are ready to have your car's windows tinted, note a few important tips to keep in mind.

Your vehicle may have more windows than you think

It's easy to think that a vehicle has a front and back window, and then windows for each door. However, your vehicle may have more windows than you realize. Some back doors have a quarter window behind the main window, and an SUV may have a cargo window on each side of the cargo area. A hatchback may have a lower window under the rear window and some sportier cars may have a quarter window in the front. When calling for estimates, be sure you understand how many windows your vehicle has and remember that it may take more work to apply film to all those smaller windows, so your quote may be higher than for someone with a standard sedan without all that extra glass.

Scratch resistant doesn't mean scratchproof

The film used for window tinting is very durable and can usually stand up under children poking at it or dogs rubbing up against it. However, scratch resistant doesn't mean scratchproof. You want to be very mindful of loading groceries in the car and not letting the rough edges of heavy bags rub against the film, and also careful of loading and unloading sporting goods, tools, building materials, and anything with sharp edges. Remember that window tinting is applied inside the windows, so you don't need to be overly concerned with its durability but shouldn't assume the film is indestructible either.

Be mindful of how you clean it

As with not being scratchproof, you also want to remember that window film and tinting may get damaged by certain chemicals. Don't assume you should use a homemade mixture of vinegar and water or another car cleaning solution on the film, but be sure you ask about how to keep it clean. If there is a stain or discoloration or other such mark on the film that you cannot easily remove, take it back to the installer and see if they can address it without damaging the tint.