How And Why Roller Shutters Can Score You Reduced Insurance Premiums

13 November 2018
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Investing in measures and strategies that enhance security will increase your security ratings, and from an insurer's perspective, these ratings can help in classing your property, be it residential, commercial or industrial as low-risk.

Roller shutters are a great choice for businesses and are a popular choice for garage doors in homes. The primary benefit of having roller shutters, is, of course, the enhanced security that comes with using them as doors.

Enhanced Security 

Roller shutters are by design very sturdy and tough, and it would take a lot of dedicated effort and time as well as specialised equipment to get past these doors. For the daring burglar who would choose to go ahead and try their luck at hitting away at the doors, it would take only a few strokes to alert everyone around, because the metal makes a lot of noise when subjected to such force.

Additionally, these doors are laid as a perfect fit, leaving no gaps whatsoever. Such gaps are exactly what burglars and other intruders exploit for a quick in-and-out assault. Because roller shutters don't leave any gaps, intruders will have to look at other options, enhancing your security.

Apart from being a physical barrier, roller shutters are also a perfect visual barrier. Burglars will be attracted by what they can see, but with roller shutters, they cannot see what lies beyond the doors.

Fire Damage

Roller shutters can help to reduce the amount of damage in the event of a fire breakout. The material from which these doors are made is fire-resistant. When a fire breaks out, the alarm system deploys the roller shutters and they automatically close. This effectively compartmentalises the area they enclose and serve as a fire containment wall, preventing the spread of the fire.

 Insurance premiums

Insurance companies recognise and appreciate that installing roller shutters and other additional security features enhance security, which translates to lowering the risk rating of a property.  With lowered risk, you are looking at reduced or discounted premiums for your property's insurance cover. You will not have to pay as much every month to your insurer.

Installing roller shutters will enhance the security of your home or business and protect your property from fire damage, both of which will provide a premise for the added advantage of reduced insurance premiums. In order to enjoy these benefits and more, it's important to ensure that the roller shutters are of premier quality and you choose an expert for the installation.