Window Tinting: How It Improves Workplace Health and Safety

20 December 2019
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Most people consider window tinting for its appearance and energy-saving characteristics, not because of their little-known health and safety benefits. As a business owner, however, it's prudent to consider all the benefits of installing window films as they translate positively to employee productivity. Here are a few ways window tinting can be beneficial for both health and safety at the workplace. 

Protects Against Skin Cancer

Sunlight contains UVA and UVB rays that are harmful to human skin when exposed for an extended period. Furthermore, ultraviolet rays are responsible for sunburns and also increase the risk of skin cancer. Bare windows let in nearly all harmful UV rays, as opposed to protected windows, which can block 99 per cent of the sun's ultraviolet rays. The film acts like sunscreen, allowing you to sit anywhere in the office regardless of the sunlight exposure. 

Reduces Screen Glare

Direct sunlight reduces computer screen visibility, thereby negatively affecting productivity in the workplace. Window tints help reduce the amounts of sunlight reaching the computer, reducing eye strain on employees and consequently increasing productivity.

Increases Privacy and Security

Window films come in a variety of shades, some light, some dark. In addition to aesthetics, dark window films also increase the privacy and security of the workplace by blocking views from outside the office. This simultaneously reduces distractions within the office, thus boosting employee productivity.

Improves Energy Efficiency

Office window tinting helps control the internal temperatures of the office. By reducing heat loss and heat gain, window films save the company thousands of dollars in cooling costs. Window films are able to achieve this feat by decreasing the effort the HVAC system needs to expend to cool the office since the interior never gets hot in the first place. Having saved money on energy costs, the company can reinvest its saved fortunes in employee affairs, making them more comfortable and more productive.

Reduces Heat Discomfort

A professional tinted window drastically reduces heat in a building, making it easier to work during the summer. Tinted windows reduce temperature imbalance in the building, making it more conducive for office work.

Protects You From Broken Glass Pieces

A good-quality film has to have shatter-resistance properties that hold glass particles in case of window damage from natural or unnatural causes. This means that tinted glass is harder to break, and when it does break, its less likely to cause any injuries to customers, clients or co-workers.

Window tinting helps companies save money and support employees' well-being. Contact an office window tinting service to learn more.