What Should You Consider When Choosing Blinds?

29 September 2020
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Blinds are an essential addition to your windows. They help you control the amount of light getting into your living space or office, offer you privacy and enrich the aesthetics of your interiors. To ensure you get the most out of your blinds, consider these factors.

Hiring an Interior Designer

You might have already spotted or decided on the type of blinds to purchase for your windows. There is nothing wrong with this; it is, however, smart to seek a professional perspective or opinion on your choice.

Interior designers who specialise in blinds have gathered years' worth of experience and might know whether there are features you might not like down the line. Simply put, the interior designer ensures that the blinds you purchase will meet all your functional and aesthetic needs without a change of heart in the future.

Blind Design and Styles

Common blind designs and styles you might come across include roller, Venetian, fabric, cellular/honeycomb, Roman, vertical, zebra and panel blinds. A simple internet search can give you images of these blind designs, but don't consider the aesthetic appearance only.

You may realise that it might only be possible to make some blind designs using some materials and not others. You may also note that a feature you want might not apply to the blind design you want. These factors are what makes hiring an interior designer crucial.

Material Composition

Common blind materials include fabric, aluminium, timber and vinyl. The choice between these materials is made by considering the price, aesthetics, maintenance and material properties.

Some materials can be initially expensive, but have a low maintenance cost, while others can be cheap, but have high maintenance costs. You can also come across cheap materials that lower maintenance costs. This shows you that when considering the price, you might be required to consider other factors as well. Additionally, since you want your blinds to last for the longest time possible, do not fail to consider the material's ability to withstand the sun's harmful UV rays and resist water.

The Opening Mechanism

This might seem like a small thing to consider, but during your blind use, you might see its importance. The three most common ways to open your blinds are the pulling of a string, the turning of a rod and the pressing of a remote button.

String operation is a traditional method that has been slowly replaced by the turning rod and remote operated blinds. Choosing between these methods might require you to evaluate yourself and your needs to find out what method will be most convenient for you.

For more information, contact a blinds supplier in your area.