Key Features to Look Out For in Sliding Patio Doors

30 December 2020
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Not all sliding doors suppliers are the same, so if you want to install a high-quality set of patio doors in your home, there are certain features that you should be looking out for. Most manufacturers of sliding doors in Australia will make double-glazed products, for example, although it is still possible to buy single-paned doors. Obviously, you will want two panes of glass for each door since this offers better security and thermal insulation, but you should also consider triple-glazed doors if you live in the north of the country where excessive heat can be a problem in the summer. What other key features should you be looking for from sliding doors suppliers in your area?

Multi-Point Locks

One of the main things that put homeowners off sliding doors in the past was that they were perceived as weak and potential entry points for burglars. Indeed, bi-folding doors became popular largely because of how they were marketed as more secure. That said, most good sliding doors suppliers will now offer multi-point locks with their products, offering greater security and peace of mind. Although the door will be locked in place in the middle so you can unlock it with ease, you should be looking for multiple anchor points, often situated at the top and the bottom of the frame, that make it all but impossible to force the door open.

Sound Insulation

As you have read, thermal insulation is a key factor to weigh up when buying glazed patio doors. However, you should also consider sound insulation. Some glazed doors can act a little like resonators and almost amplify the sounds that you hear outside. This is not an issue if you live somewhere quiet, but if your home is close to a busy road or by an airport, then ask the door manufacturer what acoustic dampening the doors will afford when they are shut. Equally, if you want doors that will stop noises from your home leaking outside and potentially annoying your neighbours, then sound insulation will be an important feature of your chosen set of doors.

Ease of Movement

Sliding doors should always be easy to move. Sometimes the weight of the glass that is held in the frame can be very great, so you will need high-quality rollers that make moving this mass back and forth child's play. Equally, modern siding doors suppliers should fit shock absorbers to their products so that it is not possible to accidentally slam the door when moving it because too much momentum has built up.

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